Traffic superintendent
Bank detail
АО «Малая Судоходная Компания»
TIN 5192704092
JSC "BarentsBank", Murmansk
Settlement Account 40702810900000000140
Correspondent Account 30101810700000000736
Bank Identifier Code 044705736

Contact Telephones

Traffic superintendent of the Marine Passenger Terminal


Traffic superintendent of JSC "MASCO"  



Tel: 48-03-65

Fax: 42-02-47

Head of Fleet Department  



Application guidance

3.1. The CUSTOMER undertakes to send the EXECUTOR a written application by fax 24 hours prior the beginning of works. In this application the following information should be indicated:

3.1.1 Ship's name, flag, shipowner, country and ship's loa, beam, moulded depth.

3.1.2 List of services to be rendered to the vessel.

3.1.3 ETA Murmansk ETD Murmansk

3.1.4 Place of anchorage in port Murmansk ( № of berth, square of anchorage on the roads)

3.1.5 Number of tugboats for towing operations (in co-ordination with the pilot and master of the vessel).

3.2 The EXECUTOR while rendering works (services) to the CUSTOMER follows the

Rules of navigation in the Kola bay on the basis of Compulsory Port Resolutions issued by

Murmansk Port Administration and Compulsory Resolutions of the Fish Port of Murmansk


 Contact telephones, faxes for sending applications:

Traffic superintendent of JSC "MASCO"


Tel. No. 48-03-55

(24 hours)


Fax No. 42-35-55

Fleet Department

Tel. No. 48-05-86

Fax No. 42-35-68

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