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The shipping company "MASCO" is the former port fleet of the Murmansk Commercial Sea port. The 1st of June 1995 is considered to be the day of the Company's foundation.

From the date of the company's foundation and up to the present day, the fleet structure of the Small Shipping Company has undergone significant changes. On the 1st of June 1995 the fleet consisted of the vessels rented from Murmansk Commercial Sea port. For this period some of the vessels were written off the balance of the port due to their huge depreciation and the inexpediency of their reconstruction. To replace these written off vessels the company "MASCO" purchased new vessels - from its own finaces or by means of credit, both from Russian, and foreign banks.

Nowadays the company owns 18 vessels of different types.

In addition to this, the company "MASCO" rents stationary floating piers and floating pier in the port from the State enterprise "ROSMORPORT".

The range of work in which the vessels of the company are engaged is quite extensive. Berthing tugs provide fast and safe shifting of carriers and icebreakers in port and on road. Fuelers supply them with fresh water, oil and fuel of various brands. Refrigerator-supplier vessels deliver various cargoes onto road and to different ports of the Kola Bay and northern Norway. Passenger vessels go to different ports and towns of the Kola bay and in summer and autumn perform promenades along the bay. The Oil Skimmer (unique in the port) and bilge water collector are engaged in clearing the water area of pollution. In its work "MASCO" steadily adheres to the principle of vessels' operation on the level of international standards of safe navigation. Following the execution of norms of the international conventions accepted by Russia, vessels of the port fleet are equipped with extra equipment practically every year (GMDSS, satellite radio buoys, special life-saving apparatus, etc.). There is no doubt that it's an essential item of expenses and at the same time it guarantees safety at sea, and also makes the company more competitive and respected within the market of rendered services. Besides obligatory kitting-up, the equipment of the vessels is constantly improved. So, for example, the tanker "Don" was equipped with a blender which allows the mixing of various grades of oil products to produce fuel of the required quality and it reduces the problems of supplying vessels calling at the Murmansk port.

It is necessary to note that the work of JSC "MASCO" is not limited by the water area of the Kola Bay. Tugboats of the company works also in ports of the White sea.

The partnership of JSC "MASCO" with foreign companies is not limited only to the maintenance of vessels and rendering of services on cargo traffic. Company executives established contacts with European shipbuilders. The result of this effective cooperation with western partners was the orders for construction abroad of two powerful steam tugs. In 2001 in Holland's "DAMEN" shipyard, the steam tug "Vladimir Kolotnev" with an output of 3200 h.p. was built. In 2004 JSC "MASCO" purchased the steam-tug "Vasily Strizh" (total combined output of the engines 3500 h.p.), also constructed at the "DAMEN" shipyard. Today these vessels are the backbone of the company and among the most powerful tug-boats in the Murmansk basin. It can be said without exaggeration that the operation of the Murmansk Commercial Sea port without them could be complicated because of an inability to handle vessels with a deadweight of 100 tons or more.

The Joint-Stock Company "MASCO" does feasible support to the different charitable funds, takes part in financing city and gubernatorial New Year's events and arrangements dedicated to the May holidays. The company doesn't forget about its veterans. Twice a year - on Victory Day and on the Day of elders the company assigns funds for retired employees - former workers of the Joint-Stock Company "MASCO" and the Port fleet.

The Joint-stock company "MASCO' together with other organizations of the city who made donations took part in the construction of the Church of the Guardian-over-the-Water.

After 15 years of successful work, owing to competent economic policy and qualitative execution of orders, the Joint-Stock Company "MASCO" has taken firm positions in the market of port services and has proved to be a responsible and reliable partner. Today the company possesses significant potential and has good prospects for further development.


  • Towage in port and on road;
  • Sea towages;
  • Bunkering with water, fuel and oil;
  • Delivery supplies to the vessels on road;
  • Passenger traffic;
  • Passenger's servicing.

List of Licenses in force

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Scope of activity



MT 1002 № 019706 dd. 02/08/09

Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation

Carriage of passengers by sea transport



MT 1003 № 019722 dd. 02/09/09

Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation

Towing activity by sea transport



MT 1001 № 019750 dd.02/10/09

Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation

Carriage of cargoes by sea transport



№OT-26-000271(51) dd. 31/03/09

Federal service on ecological, technological and nuclear supervision

Execution of activity oncollection, use, neutralization, carriage and storage of hazardous waste



MT 1008 № 019131 dd. 28/05/08

Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation

Cargo handling activity in respect of hazardous cargoes in ports